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  • 09 Jun 2022
  • What’s the ideal environment in which to place Dafne?
    The Dafne armchair is very adaptable as it was devised to meet the needs of the modern ‘Hospitecture’, i.e. uncomplicated yet cutting-edge architecture and interior design that combine hospitality and care services. The proportion of the seating, the quality of the materials, the study of the shape all meet the specific requirements of the medical sector. At the same time, thanks to its modern elegant lines, Dafne effortlessly fits in any contract space.

    The project puts together design and well-being. How?
    Dafne is the result of years of research into wellness design. It envelops the body in a soft embrace. It is extremely ergonomic and robust, but at the same time lightweight, combining cutting-edge technology and durability over time. It is also extremely functional, thanks to the opening on the backrest, which makes it easy to handle.

    What is Dafne’s sensoriality generated by?
    The Dafne armchair stands out for its clean aesthetic combined with tactile and “sensory” materials, which promote physical but also psychological well-being. The careful selection of upholstery materials and finishes originates from Piaval’s great craftsmanship and makes Dafne the ideal seat for the hospitality sector as well as healthcare projects. Conveying harmony and intimacy within any environment in which it is placed: this is the goal that we have set ourselves in the production of this model.

    3 adjectives to define Dafne
    Light, functional, ergonomic.

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