Vantaggi Safety

Breathe calmness

Furnishing spaces with chairs that facilitate movement and ensure ideal support in all circumstances means contributing to bringing a sense of security to daily life and making some activities possible, thereby safeguarding the dignity and sociability of the individual.

For Piaval, to care means promoting health by designing innovative chairs that bring together ergonomics, functionality, usability, safety, configurability and design. Thanks to a team of professionals with specific skills, every product takes form with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who will use it.

Stable and sturdy

Taking care of a person means not just helping them, but protecting them. Piaval chairs are designed to offer maximum stability and safety with every position and movement. Secure grip to accompany movement – particularly standing up and sitting down – non-slip and anti-tipping features, and accessories with rounded corners.

The design takes into account the different abilities and movement limitations of users. Piaval pays equally close attention to the safety of the workers, so that they can operate with peace of mind. A robust and durable product is guaranteed by specific certification.

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