Progetti Norwegian Cruise Line Prima

Trench lounge is aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line PRIMA, the leading-edge cruise ship built by Fincantieri and recently christened in Reykjavik, Iceland, debuting to more than 2.500 guests. The unique vessel Prima Line, intended for the luxury sector, is conceived to exceed any expectation. Elegant and welcoming, Trench furnishes the Penrose Atrium, a stunning three-storey space, with glass walls facing the sea, and the Penrose Bar, where soft lights and Piaval armchairs designed by Laura Silvestrini are an immediate invitation to relax. Wide spaces, accurate design, a great variety of unique experiences, as walking along the Ocean Boulevard, feeling closer to the ocean: Prima Line starts a new chapter of the cruise industry, and Piaval is proud to be part of it. Trench fits naturally in such a refined, modern, and top-quality space: a luxury project, sharing with Piaval the goal guest first.

Design for NCL Prima: Studio Dado

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