Progetti Scheldehof Residential Care Centre

  • Mamy armchair in the terrace of Scheldehof residential care centre
  • Liv armchair and Mamy sofa and armchairs furnish the communal space in Vlissingen
  • Mamy chairs in the dining room of the Residential Care Centre in Vlissingen
  • Detail of the Mamy armchair with enveloping and padded backrest
  • Liv armchair and Mamy sofa furnish the living space in Scheldehof
  • Detail of Liv armchair in Scheldehof
  • Edificio Residenza per anziani Scheldehof
Scheldehof is a residential care centre located in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, which was established in 2017 as the result of the transformation of a large industrial site. The residential care centre has 55 apartments for somatic care, 6 group accommodation units for psychogeriatric residents and 54 care and/or assisted-living apartments. The architectural and interior design project by Atelier PRO architects, has created environments where guests can feel at ease, like at home. A lot of attention was paid to the tactility of the materials chosen, like Piaval’s armchairs and chairs with a wooden profile, as touch is the only sense that is not affected by aging. The choice of furniture for interior spaces has therefore privileged domestic colors, materials and shapes, creating an extremely welcoming environment for the elderly, without sacrifying functionality and the specific needs of the context. Mamy and Liv collections by Piaval furnish many apartments and common areas of the residential care centre, contributing to the well-being of guests thanks to the warm colours of the coverings. To ensure the highest standards of hygiene, the wooden structures have been treated with antibacterial paints; the upholstery chosen for the seats are easily cleanable and equipped with waterproof protections and subjected to anti-stain treatments. The Mamy collection was selected for its reassuring shape and great comfort. It furnishes many living areas of the Centre, making them as welcoming and pleasant as a living room. The Liv armchair features a high, enveloping backrest, a very comfortable seat and a solid beech wood frame, designed for intensive and prolonged use. At Scheldehof it was chosen both for its interior spaces and for relaxing moments on the terrace.

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