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A single brand, two souls, a century of experience

Piaval’s story begins in 1919 as an artisan workshop for the production of wooden chairs in the heart of the Italian Chair District, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Since then, challenges and great skills, high quality and experimentation, perseverance and passion, have shaped the company.

Today it is an international brand that has grown thanks to the strong commitment of 4 generations. The company finds its strength in the family, in the Made in Italy the roots of its know-how. The technological research and the collaboration with preminent international designers give the ability to find different solutions for the needs of the Contract and Health&Care sector.

Authentic Made in Italy since 1919

Research and development guarantee the best quality standards. Every product is the result of a constant focus on technological innovation. When a designer presents us with a new idea, the plan is immediately converted into a 3D model, thereby allowing our Research & Development team to speed up the checking and finetuning stages. The input parameters are then passed to the latest generation numerical control machinery which ensures the highest product processing standards, guaranteeing precision in the shape and size of each and every element.

Know-how and innovation

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