Progetti Hotel Zermama

Bistrot of Hotel Zermama with Trench armchair
The Hotel Zermama is not simply a hotel: it is a hospitable and trendy refuge, located in the heart of Zermatt, the charming village at the foot of Mount Cervino, in Switzerland. Chic and at the same time inclusive, this is the mood of the Mama. Inside you can breathe a domestic atmosphere, where reassuring elements of tradition and local identity blend with cosmopolitan suggestions, almost in a game of ying and yang contrasts. Piaval design is an integral part of the sophisticated interior project: the Trench armchair, by Laura Silvestrini, is the protagonist of the lounge. Upholstered in a relaxing forest green shade, it is combined with tapestries with bucolic scenes, wooden walls and floral cushions. Trench represents the Made in Italy quality that stands out with elegance in a context of exquisite local excellence. Guests immerse themselves in an experience of domestic warmth, enjoying maximum comfort. The bistro area of the Hotel Zermama is a setting of material suggestions. Wood is the dominant feature of this modern and welcoming reinterpretation of the stube, in whose relaxed atmosphere the soft silhouette of Trench finds its natural place. Comfortable (a fundamental feature in hospitality venues) and characterized by a style that reveals itself in refined details, such as the soft ripples that drape the backrest, the armchair elegantly interacts with the warm tones that embrace the environment. Trench, in its own way, is as well a manifesto of ying and yang: the stability of the solid wood structure is balanced by the softness of the padding. It is characterized by a new and contemporary design, but at the same time is the result of tradition and in-depth knowledge in woodworking. It is no coincidence that it bears the name of a classic, but always contemporary piece of clothing.

Photo credits: William Croall Photography (bistro picture)

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