Progetti Chalet Al Foss Alp Resort

The Chalet Al Foss Alp Resort is a 4 star boutique hotel nestled in the Val di Sole, in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige, Italy. The project, designed by Alessandro Cestele – D4L Cestele architects, reinterprets the classic mountain chalet in a design key and welcomes guests in refined and cosy settings, in a dialogue between tradition and contemporary. The spacious hall that welcomes guests – the chalet features 44 rooms – is furnished with Piaval seating from the Macaron collection. Armchairs, lounges and two-seater sofas invite guests to meet, to enjoy moments of relaxation as well as moments of conviviality in the cocktail bar area. The extreme comfort they offer, the tactile beauty of the upholstery and the soothing colour chosen to customise the seating emphasise the harmony between the interior space and the beauty of the landscape the hotel overlooks, the Presanella glacier. Photo by Daniele Paternoster.

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