Progetti Theatre Giovanni da Udine

  • The Cameo modular sofa in the foyer of the Nuovo Giovanni da Udine Theatre
  • Relax area and cafè in the theatre furnished with cameo and earl collections
  • Cameo modular sofa in the theatre
  • Cameo modular sofa in the foyer of Nuovo Teatro Giovani da Udine from above
  • Cameo two seater sofa and coffee tables in the conversation area of the theatre
  • Cameo sofas and Earl chairs furnish the bar of the theatre
The Cameo and Earl collections furnish the common spaces of the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine (theatre), one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the foyer of the elegant theatre building, a project by Giuliano Parmegiani and Lorenzo Giacomuzzi Moore, the Cameo modular sofas with two side seats, create large, comfortable peninsulas inviting spectators to sit down during the wait before the performance and talk during the breaks between one act and another. Their unique design, by Edi and Paolo Ciani, is emphasized by the elegant Mineral grey of the upholstery, a shade used as well to finish the solid ash profile that outlines the base of the sofas. To furnish the bar area of the Theatre, instead, the choice fell on the two-seater sofas from the same Cameo collection, also upholstered in Mineral grey, and combined with the coffee tables. The Earl collection, designed by Daniel Rous, completes by contrast the furnishing of the area. Tables and seats in solid beech are here proposed in a finish that highlights Piaval expertise in woodworking and reveals all the beauty of the wood grain. The seat Earl is characterized by an essential, refined design and is the result of an advanced technological research, qualities that have been reworded by the ADI Index award, the selection of the best Italian design. Piaval research and design aims both at the well-being of the audience and at the sustainable dimension of this important collective space. The collections that furnish the Teatro Giovanni da Udine create a balance between beauty and function, respect for natural resources and innovation as ideal synthesis between manual skills and technology.

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