Progetti Tom Patterson Theatre

tom patterson theatre - lazardis hall - elsa chairs

The prestigious Tom Patterson Theatre is located in Ontario, Canada, and it has been completely renewed in 2021. Elsa chair by Piaval has been chosen to furnish the beautiful Lazardis Hall, the multifunctional area where events, performances and meetings take place. The essential and discreet lines of Elsa, designed by David Ericsson, underlines the elegance of this big architectural space, where color and substance dialogue in perfect harmony and every detail is studied to enhance the audience an immersive experience. The warm shade of the wooden essence of Elsa, combined with the delicate nuance of the covering of the backrest and seat, contribute to create an extremely pleasant atmosphere, characterized by natural and relaxing chromatic effects. Moreover, ergonomics ensures the maximum comfort, a truly essential quality, while attending a concert or a performance.

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