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Hygiene in care and treatment facilities is fundamental to a person’s wellbeing, as well as to that of the staff who work there and all those who may pass through it. This applies to the chairs and tables we are in contact with every day too. Dirt and contaminants that rest on the surface constitute fertile ground for cultivating bacteria that cause infection. The products then need to be treated with suitable protections. Hygiene is a fundamental criterion in the choice of the upholstery used. They are Sanitized guaranteed, or equivalent, to ensure their breathability, freshness, comfort and prevention of bad smells. They are resistant to bacteria, washing and light, undergo anti-stain treatments and are guaranteed to resist abrasions up to 300,000 Martindale cycles.

On request, the products can be fully treated with antibacterial coatings, particularly important when using living materials such as wood. By blocking the pores, they are protected from bacteria and the chair is as easy on the eye as it is safe and functional. In designing each model, Piaval seeks out the solutions that can best guarantee practicality of use and ease of cleaning for the worker: from the removable cushions and headrests with Velcro to fasten quickly in place, to specific waterproof protection for seats, to full detachable sofa and armchair seats to allow the structure underneath to be cleaned fully.

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