Progetti Resort Dolce Casa

The Trench, Macaron and Dafne collections furnish the Family & Wellness four star hotel, located in Moena, Val di Fassa, in the heart of the Dolomites mountains. To create a modern style with a special home feeling taste was the main objective of Idee Contract, the studio in charge of the project of renovation. The result is a perfect mix of simplicity and hospitality. The public spaces are welcoming and convey an informal elegance, where Piaval seating collections preserve their own distinctive personality, while providing an exceptional coordinated image. The coffee bar suggests a comfortable atmosphere, with an accent on variety thanks to the Trench and Dafne collections. Dafne armchairs, designed by Matteo Thun, furnish a cozy, immersive space, conceived for lunch time. The enveloping structure of the seating embrace the guests, the upholstery is in grey mineral and velvety to the touch. The Trench barstool, sturdy and sleek, stands at the bar counter, for clients who prefer to have a drink chatting with friends. The Trench sofas, facing towards the bar, create a setting of intimate areas where to spend tea or coffee time. The sartorial details of the collection by Laura Silvestrini, are emphasized by the upholstery in ivory shade and by the solid ash wood of the structure. A number of pieces of Trench lounge furnish the wide bow window that offers a spectacular view on this lovely village, known as Fata delle Dolomiti (Fairy of the Dolomites). A leisure time area in dialogue with nature, where Trench provides the ideal comfort to indulge in reading rather than chatting with the family or with friends. In connection with the outdoor, the upholstery is in deep green colour. An atmospheric lighting distinguishes the living area. In this setting, the Macaron lounge – matched with the coffee tables of the same collection, design Laura Silvestrini – is the ideal seating after a challenging day. The padded shell and extremely soft cushion welcome the guests for an authentic anti-stress experience, as for the athletes of the famous ACF Fiorentina football team, who last July chose the Resort Dolce Casa as a buen retiro while training for Italian championship Serie A.
    Photo Credits Resort Dolce casa

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