News Laura Silvestrini talks about Macaron collection

  • 08 Jun 2022
  • Presented at Salone del Mobile 2022 – Pav 12 E01

    Macaron is sophisticated and welcoming. What makes it so?
    Researching the elegance of forms through design, which is the synthesis of an idea, is never an end in itself. In my opinion, a seat should meet the essential need for comfort and pleasure. Macaron features a circular seat and a wraparound body that make it look welcoming. The relation between its padding and size determines its comfort, but what characterises its look is the line of continuity of the front legs with the backrest that “draws” this roundness and the juxtaposed seat.

    In this project, how important is the know-how in the processing of solid wood?
    It’s absolutely essential. The prize awarded to this product is a proof of that. Indeed, Macaron is the result of the successful encounter between the company’s ability to work solid wood and specific requests from the designer. Such convergence made it possible to attain a perfect balance between form and matter, aspiring to create beauty, which is the best way to adapt to usefulness.

    Is Macaron a sustainability conscious project?
    Today, it is vital to pay attention to the sustainability of a product. I designed Macaron using two separate volumes, the seat and the backrest, to optimize its packaging. The entire manufacturing process was designed to make this product sustainable, including the use of certified and ethically sustainable materials.

    3 adjectives to define Macaron
    Versatile, solid, elegant.

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