Projects Wine Bar Royce Cellar

In Hong Kong, the wine bar Royce Cellar is the ideal place for wine lovers and sophisticated gourmets, a cozy location where you can enjoy extraordinary tasting experiences while sitting on Piaval elegant collections. The lounge versions of Trench and Macaron furnish the Gallery on Hillwood Road, which houses vintage collectable labels, the Library and the Tasting Gallery, where customers are offered a wide and careful selection of high-quality wines & spirits, combined with refined gourmet appetizers. Piaval collections – both are designed by Laura Silvestrini – add a touch of glamour and a sophisticated note of color to the immersive, engaging experience enjoyed in these interiors, devoted to the pleasures of the palate. The sinuous and enveloping shapes of the armchairs, the expert padding and the soft upholstery welcome guests into the rarefied atmosphere of the Royal Cellar, offering maximum ergonomic comfort and the quality of the most authentic Made in Italy. The solid wood structure of the two models guarantees maximum strength and solidity, and the pleasure of perceiving a natural, skillfully crafted material.

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